Louie Cate
One of the country's most prolific songwriters that you never heard of,
until now!


For nearly his entire life, Louie Cate has exercised his burning passion of songwriting with hundreds of songs, a great many of which were good enough to win over 100 Grand Prizes in contests all over the U.S. & Canada. After years of winning songwriting competitions too numerous to mention, nobody knows who he is. Among his collaborators is Jeff Silbar, who wrote the Grammy-winning "Wind Beneath My Wings".



His latest CD, "Rebel Without Applause" is a compilation of some of his best songs performed by:

Trisha Yearwood, Joe Diffie, Martina McBride, Billy Dean, Garth Brooks,
Gordon Mote, Clay Davidson,  Alison Parson, Rob Crosby, Sylvia, & Ty Herndon

After exposing the depth of his talent, he is certainly destined to no longer be a
“Rebel Without Applause”!




To listen to a clip, click on the song title.

1.   IS THERE ANY CHANCE     Vocal by Trisha Yearwood
2.   ECHO OF YOUR SIGH     Vocal by Clay Davidson
3.   KISS ME LIKE THE RAIN     Vocal by Trisha Yearwood
4.   A TRAIN CALLED DESTINY     Vocal by Rob Crosby
5.   IF I COULD JUST BE NEAR YOU     Vocal by Trisha Yearwood
6.   SONGBIRD BORN IN A STORM { A SALUTE TO JEWEL }     Vocal by Clay Davidson
7.   SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THE RAINBOW & THE RAIN     Vocal by Trisha Yearwood
8.   TREMBLING WITH TENDERNESS     Vocal by Martina McBride
9.   WINDMILL BAR & GRILL    Vocal by Gordon Mote
10. A FAR CRY FROM A HEARTACHE     Vocal by Martina McBride
11. BRACE YOURSELF    Vocal by Sylvia
12. IN BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HEARTACHE    Vocal by Trisha Yearwood
13. THE HONEST TRUTH    Vocal by Billy Dean
14. CASANOVA IN A CHEVY NOVA    Vocal by Trisha Yearwood
15. BEFORE I FALL    Vocal by Alison Parson
16. IF DREAMS WERE WILD HORSES    Vocals by Joe Diffie & Trisha Yearwood
17. TOO BAD FOR MY OWN GOOD   Vocal by Trisha Yearwood
19. WHISPER ME     Vocal by Ty Herndon
20. YOU COME TO ME    Vocal by Alison Parson
21. OVER & OVER    Vocal by Garth Brooks
22. A FRIEND IN HIGH PLACES     Vocal by Alison Parson
23. FLYIN’ HIGH    Vocal by Trisha Yearwood




    A collection of Louie Cate's holiday songs!


1.   Once Upon A Christmas  3:12 (Louis Cate)
2.   Cold December  3:42 (Louis Cate)
3.   Winter of Our Disco Tent  3:22 (Louis Cate) Vocal by Clay Davidson
4.   The Season  3:33 (Louis Cate)
5.   Son of A Carpenter  3:47 (Louis Cate / Gene Carrington)
6.   Birth of Love  4:05 (Louis Cate)
7.   Skate Away  3:10 (Louis Cate / Gene Carrington)
8.   Mistletoin'  2:49 (Louis Cate)
9.   Innocent As Angels  4:55 (Louis Cate)
10. The Toy Dragon  3:06 (Louis Cate) / Gene Carrington) Vocal by Clay Davidson
11. Christmas in the Projects  2:31 (Louis Cate)
12. 12-24 (I Don't Need Mistletoe)  3:50 (Louis Cate)
13. Postmarked December  2:55 (Louis Cate / Gene Carrington)
14. Are You & Santa the Same?  3:32 (Louis Cate / Gene Carrington)
15. Snow On My Tongue  2:53 (Louis Cate)
16. All Rolled Into One  2:45 (Louis Cate / Suzanne Ravgiala)
17. Christmas in the Meantime  2:56 (Louis Cate)
18. Last Snow in Nashville  4:10 (Louis Cate)
19. Snow Valley  3:39 (Louis Cate)
20. Merry Stinkin' Christmas  2:14 (Louis Cate)
21. To Them  3:31 (Louis Cate)
22. Christmas Card  3:25 (Louis Cate)
23. Journey of the Magi  2:20 (Louis Cate)
24. Maybe More Than Once A Year  2:12 (Louis Cate / Marv Dennis)